Lynne Cockrum-Murphy “Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind”

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy “Living Hope: Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind”


How can you end all suffering – including and especially your own? How can you be a shining Being through your own spiritual practice? Discover real steps you can take to move beyond pain and suffering, and how you too can move forward into a life filled with spirituality, meaning and purpose.

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy shares her short but powerful true story of loss, starting with a house fire that killed her sisters and father and left her badly burned when she was just 30 months old. Hear about the triumphant life that grew out of that tragedy. Instead of giving into a family history of dysfunction, she shares about dealing with loss, family alcoholism, an eating disorder, and chaos, and shows that there is a way to move beyond the events of your past. Her inspirational story is a model of hope, action and success.

Lynne is an intuitive consultant specializing in helping those who seek assistance with their spiritual path. She facilitates physical healing, emotional growth and removing blocks to a life of joy, meaning and purpose.

lynne cockrum-murphyLynne cockrum-murphy book

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