“Creating Personal Reality” with Pamala Oslie

“Creating Personal Reality” with Pamala Oslie


We create our personal reality. Explore how we use the power of our thoughts and emotions to transform energy into physical form, what quantum physics reveals about consciousness, how we can use parallel universes to change our reality, and more.

After decades of living with enhanced abilities and having advanced experiences, I have proven that there is more to “reality” and who we really are. My goal is to enhance your life experiences and to add more joy and enrichment to your life by showing what is possible for you too.

Quantum physicists are revealing new life-altering concepts and reexamining everything we’ve believed about reality. They have evidence that reality is not what we believe it is! Unfortunately, most of us are not living this new model or acting on this advanced knowledge. It’s time to change that. This is how we’ll change the world.

These advanced concepts can appear just as magical as flying across the country would have seemed to those who lived centuries ago. We just need to understand these concepts and start incorporating them into our lives.

It’s time to alter our definition of human being and live our greater potential. It’s time to take our place as a more highly developed species, one with a superior level of awareness and greater abilities.

If enough of us were to courageously step beyond our familiar boundaries, embrace this new information about the nature of reality, and fully activate our advanced capabilities, we would open the way for others to do the same, which could lead to a vastly new way of living life. This is the way transformation has happened throughout history: brave explorers and mavericks are always the ones who break through old thinking and reveal what’s possible for the rest.

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