You Left Clues…

You Left Clues…

Through my experiences as a psychic or “sensitive” for the past few decades, here is some of the information I’ve learned by connecting with and listening to people’s souls and Higher Consciousness.

You chose this incarnation – this “physical” experience on the planet – and I trust you had a very good reason for doing so. Your soul is awesome and knows exactly what it’s doing – even if many of us have forgotten how to listen to it and trust its guidance. It is aware that it is completely connected with All That Is/God/Source – or whatever name you want to call it. Even though you are a part of Everything – and are completely connected, surrounded, and one with All That Is – you also have a soul, a consciousness that has been given the gift of “the gods.” You are a creator and you have the ability to create your own experiences. You have free will so you weren’t forced to come here. (Not that I’m countering anyone’s belief system. I support you believing whatever you choose to believe.)

You had a certain theme you wanted to explore in this lifetime, experiences you wanted to have, people you wanted to connect with (again?), and things you wanted to learn – so you could grow, evolve, see how certain situations felt, or just enjoy the experience and fun of it all. Maybe you’ve forgotten it was supposed to be enjoyable and fascinating? You wanted to feel emotions (all of them), to taste food, to smell flowers (and fresh air and rain and other aromas), to see colors, hear water flowing (and birds singing, leaves rustling, children giggling, music playing, and more), to fall in love, to ride carousels, to feel the earth – are you remembering some of the reasons you came here yet?

You needed to forget who you really are well enough so you could play, create and have experiences. Because the greater You, your higher self or soul, already knows what is real about the Universe, the truth that we are all one and always part of All That Is. In order to have these “physical” experiences – we had to pretend that things and people were separate from us so we could interact with them. (We’re not really separate – but if we don’t pretend we are, then we can’t have fun with the “movies” that we’re creating. The movie won’t seem very real if we know we’re making it all up. )

You left clues around you – just in case you came to this “denser” level of consciousness and forgot why you came. “Forgetting” seems to have been easy to do, don’t you think?

You left clues or signs in many, many places – in your energy field (in your aura colors), your Vedic astrology chart, your Western astrology chart, your palms (palmistry), your eyes (iridology), your name and birth date (numerology), and probably in more places than you remember right now. You can also depend on your inner voice, your intuition, and your dreams to remind you – because your soul does remember and it speaks to you all the time.

If you study any or all of these systems, the specific information revealed about you in each should all fit together and agree. They should each support and corroborate one another. Since there are so many reminders, it seems you really wanted to make sure you didn’t entirely forget your purpose and plan for coming here.

So learning about your life colors (the one or two bands of color in your aura that are closest to your body) can help you remember your reasons for coming here this time – and hopefully validate what you have felt deep inside most of your life. Your colors can remind you of your life purpose, the lifestyle and careers you wanted to explore, the particular challenges you wanted to overcome, your relationship experiences, and more.

We want you to feel fulfilled and happy with your life – so learn about your aura and go live your “true colors.”

If you’re not happy and having fun here – you’ve forgotten who you really are. Life is about playing and creating. We didn’t come here to suffer. And you don’t have to – unless you “believe” you do. We’ve just been taught that suffering is part of life; that it’s “reality” and you just have to accept it – or at least learn to deal with it. Some of us just may have forgotten what life is really about and now are lost. You may have also forgotten that you can change your life and create anything you want. So explore some of the information on this site – to help you remember who you are, how powerful you are, and how to create the life you desire. Enjoy!

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