Moving into Parallel Universes

Moving into Parallel Universes

There are parallel universes all around you. They’re like radio waves. You can’t see them, but they exist. Quantum physicists have evidence that parallel universes are real. They’re as close as your breath and they exist in the same space as the universe you live in now.

If anyone ever tells you you’re not facing “reality” by thinking this way – know that people said that to those who dreamed of flying or going to the moon or discovering new worlds. We haven’t been trained to believe in or understand parallel universes yet. But for a long time, we didn’t know other countries or other planets existed – so it’s not hard to imagine we haven’t known about other universes either. Our understanding of what’s real evolves all the time. We’ve been taught that there’s only one reality and one universe but it’s not true. The Universe is infinite – with infinite choices and free will. There are not two people anywhere who are experiencing the same reality. We’re all experiencing our own unique reality – our own personal adventures in life.

You can dramatically change your life and your circumstances by learning how to move into different universes.

Every possible scenario that has ever been imagined – actually exists. Everything you’ve ever desired already exists in other parallel universes – you just need to align with your desired universe to experience that one. You don’t need to work hard to accomplish this or struggle to overcome your current circumstances. You just need to stop believing in what you’re experiencing now – and gently focus on, believe in and move into another universe.

The way you move from one universe to another is to use your imagination and your feelings. (Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Obviously what we think we know can limit us.)

Your emotions have energy. They vibrate at different frequencies. That’s why you can feel light and energized by some emotions; and heavy, dull or dense when you feel other emotions. When the frequency of your emotions and feelings is aligned with the frequency and energy of a certain universe – you’ll find yourself experiencing that universe.

This is similar to what happens when you change radio stations. Multiple radio waves are being broadcast from different stations. They’re around you all the time but you don’t perceive them until you tune in to them with your radio receiver. When you set your radio to receive a certain frequency, the show being broadcast from that station becomes part of your world. When you change the dial or buttons on your radio, you alter which frequency it’s picking up. You change the number and frequency on your radio to align with the frequency being broadcast by that different radio station – and now that new music or talk show becomes your reality rather than the previous show. Even though the radio waves from the previous broadcast are still all around you, you don’t perceive them and that show is no longer part of your perceived reality.

There are no visible seams or doorways dividing the different parallel universes so it can be challenging to know when you have entered into a different universe. It’s similar to driving from one state to another. Unless you see a sign that welcomes you, you don’t really know when you’ve crossed over to the different state. Some of the different parallel universes only have small and subtle differences from the one you currently find yourself in. But if you pay attention, even if there are only subtle differences in the new universe, your intuition, observations, feelings and emotions will reveal the differences to you.

If you have made dramatic changes in your imagination and emotions (your frequency), your new universe will also appear dramatically different. It may take a while before you recognize the changes but pay attention, be patient and trust so you can see that you have moved into a different one. If you go back to thinking and feeling the way you did in the previous universe, you will be drawn back into that one again and you’ll think you never changed universes at all. If you commit to the new thoughts and feelings, you will eventually see you have moved into a new and different parallel universe.

We actually shift into different universes all the time. We just assume there is only one universe, one reality, so we’re not always aware that we’ve changed universes. However, we do constantly flow effortlessly from one parallel universe to another. Every time you choose one option in life over another, you split off and move into a different universe. (Another “you” will still exist in that previous universe, by the way, but your focus won’t be there so you will no longer experience it as your main reality. Just like the previous station’s radio waves are still around you but you’re no longer tuned into them so they are not part of your reality.) All the people who are in your current universe will also be in the other parallel universes – they’ll just be different. The differences in their behavior can range from subtle to dramatic – depending on how radical a change you made in your thinking and emotions. We are multi-dimensional Beings so we are all in an infinite number of universes simultaneously.

I’ve created a guided meditation to help you move into a different universe consciously and intentionally so you can have the life experiences you desire. You can find it in the “Podcasts” section of my site You can use this process as often as you wish. You are already constantly – but usually unconsciously – shifting into different universes. This is to help you consciously do so whenever you desire to change your life.

Enjoy the experience of moving into different parallel universes. I encourage you to practice as often as you need to until it becomes natural and easy for you to do on your own.

You are an Infinite Being. You are unlimited and have unlimited abilities. The only limitations you experience are the ones you believe in – the ones you accept as reality.

Yes, ultimately we are ONE with everyone and everything. Time and space exist simultaneously and we are infinite Beings. (Ultimately time and space have no meaning at all – but in our current belief system they still have a hypnotic hold on us. Hopefully understanding parallel universes can help us begin to step outside of our perceived limitations and move beyond believing we are limited by these old root assumptions.)

For those of you who are interested in what some physicists are saying about parallel universes, here are a few articles on the matter. There are many more available online.

You can also read about the double slit experiment:

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