Written Summary on the Orange Aura Color

Written Summary on the Orange Aura Color

Aura Color - OrangeOranges are the thrill-seekers and daredevils of the aura spectrum. They love the challenge and excitement of physical danger. They love to challenge their environment and go beyond any accepted physical limits. Oranges put their lives on the line just to feel alive; the stakes must actually be life and death for Oranges to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. They love the adrenaline rush of excitement in the face of danger. For Oranges, thrills, cunning skill, and excitement are the essentials in life. Everything else is just passive existence. Evil Knievel and actor/stuntman Jackie Chan are well-known examples of Orange auras.

You and Your Aura Colors

Oranges are thrill-seekers and daredevils. These adventurers love the excitement of physical danger. They love to challenge their environment and go beyond accepted physical limits. Oranges often put their lives on the line just to feel alive. Oranges are realists – life is real and tangible. But they love the adrenaline rush of excitement in the face of danger. For Oranges, thrills, cunning skill, and excitement are the essentials in life. Everything else is just passive existence. In power, Oranges are incredibly intelligent and resourceful, with amazing abilities to mentally become their opponents, to calculate every possible maneuver, and to boldly take action. Out of power, Oranges can become egotistical, aloof, and self-centered, caring only to live in their own world regardless of how it affects their families. By staying balanced, risking the challenge of exploring the inner world as well as the outer, Oranges can develop the ability to experience life on all levels. Oranges need partners who are independent, resourceful, and emotionally strong enough to handle their challenging behavior. Or they need partners who are courageous and daring enough to share in their adventures. Well-known Orange examples are actor-stuntman Jackie Chan, Evil Knievel, and snowboarder Shaun White (Orange/Yellow).

Your Life Purpose

Oranges are thrill-seekers and daredevils. They love the challenge and excitement of taking physical risks. Oranges’ life purpose is to experience physical existence to its fullest, to reach apparent physical limitations and dare to push past them. What is important to Oranges is challenging life face-to-face, with cunning, skill, and courage. Oranges are often racecar drivers, rescue workers, stunt people, extreme athletes, firefighters, police officers or detectives.

Love & Relationships

Orange personalities are risk-taking daredevils who need the adrenaline rush of thrilling physical adventures. Oranges are not homebodies. So in order to have a compatible relationship with an Orange, you will have to be brave enough to accompany them on their adventures, or learn to be independent and self-reliant and not be bothered by your partner’s excursions without you. Oranges prefer partners who are autonomous, efficient, highly intelligent, unconventional, adventurous, and physically stimulating.

Careers & Jobs

Oranges prefer to freelance, getting paid for what they enjoy doing and then having the freedom to move on to the next adventure. They typically do not choose the burdensome responsibility of having employees or being in charge. They also have no desire for administrative duties. Office jobs are too slow and tedious for them. These adventurers like to be as autonomous as possible. Being sponsored by a company to race cars, dive for hidden treasure, or do promotional stunts out of an airplane are the kinds of jobs Oranges love. They prefer to compete individually rather than with a team. This is the only way their skills can truly be tested. Consequently, they do not make great employees or team members. Occupations to which Oranges are drawn include the following: Race car driver, Rescue worker, Skydiver, Firefighter, Hang glider, Police or detective work, Wilderness guide, Deep-sea diver, River rafter, Bounty hunter, Wild safari hunter, Private investigator, Stunt Double, Guard, Mountaineer, Lion tamer, Explorer, Trapeze artist.

Money & Abundance

Because Oranges are such daredevils, they often sense that they could have a short life span and, therefore, tend to not be long-term financial planners. Money facilitates their adventures. They look upon money as the tool that allows them to obtain all the necessary equipment for their journeys. Quality is very important to Oranges so when they go mountain climbing they take the best equipment money can buy. Oranges are not interested in financial security or long-range planning. Most of them do not live long enough to enjoy retirement benefits. They tend to live more for short-term thrills. Working for the sake of financial security is far too passive and boring for most Oranges. Success Oranges succeed every time they overcome the challenge they set for themselves and survive to tell about it. Success is clearly and simply defined: reaching the top of the mountain, carrying off the stunt as planned, winning the race, getting through the fire unscathed and still alive.


Oranges seem to suffer more from cuts, bruises, scrapes, and broken bones than from mental or stress-oriented problems such as ulcers. With the Oranges’ desire to constantly challenge their environment, to take daring physical risks, and to the experience the adrenalin rush that come from pushing their physical exploits beyond known limits – their biggest health challenge is staying alive long enough to eventually have the physical problems related to old age. Being the daredevils on the planet and living their lives on the edge, it’s usually very clear and simple what Oranges need to do to stay healthy – and alive. Oranges need to consider carefully all aspects of their dangerous exploits and plan their risky, life-threatening feats very thoroughly. Make sure the parachutes are working before jumping out of planes, check all equipment before scaling the treacherous cliffs, check and recheck the weather reports before climbing Everest, calculate all possibilities and practice the stunt many, many times before removing the safety features. Most Oranges know they need to keep their physical bodies fit and their minds alert – so they need to do whatever they can to accomplish that. Taking vitamins? Maybe. Working out to keep lean, strong and flexible? That’s strongly advised. Researching, studying, learning every detail they can about the adventure they’re about to embark on – the location, equipment, history, and experts who have tried it before? Yes, this is very, very important. Staying away from all drugs and medications? If one is going to stay alive, alert and at the top of one’s game – absolutely! Respecting the power of nature and not taking anything for granted, and not falsely believing that one is invincible and incapable of making mistakes – must be at the top of the list for intelligent and competent Oranges.


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