Written Summary on the Magenta Aura Color

Written Summary on the Magenta Aura Color

Aura Color - MagentaMagentas are rare and not commonly found on the planet these days. Magentas are the nonconformists in the aura spectrum. They are usually seen as bizarre loners. They see life from a different and unusual perspective. They don't choose to abide by society's mores, expectations or standards. They follow the beat of their own drummers. Magentas love to shock people, to shake them from their ordinary, humdrum existence. For example, Magentas will walk down the street donning wild clothes and purple Mohawk hair cuts. Other people don't usually have the nerve or the desire to live the lifestyle of the Magentas. Because of their outrageous behavior, Magentas prefer to live in large, crowded cities where they don't stand out as much and aren't pressured to conform. These free spirits aren't usually concerned about what others think, but in large cities they are more apt to have the freedom to express themselves. (Many Yellow/Violet aura combinations think that they are Magentas because they have so many similar qualities and experiences. Read about the life purposes of Yellows , Violets, and Magentas to discover which are your real Life Colors. Magentas tend to focus on and enjoy the strangeness of the physical world. They are not concerned about spirituality, humanitarian or environmental causes the way Yellow/Violets are. Magentas prefer to live in busy cities. Yellows prefer to live in more natural environments.)

You and Your Aura Colors

Magentas are nonconformists. They see life from a different and unusual perspective. They follow the beat of their own drummers. These individualistic thinkers consider following the crowd to be boring and restrictive. Peer pressure has no effect on them. They love to shock people, to shake them from their ordinary, humdrum existence. These unique personalities are generally optimistic and prefer to look at life with a sense of humor. Magentas are usually very strong-willed and intelligent – but rarely understood. In power, they are innovative and creative, fascinated by the latest gadgets and inventions. They enjoy creating bizarre, outlandish, controversial objects that are arty, trendy – or even beyond trendy. They do, however, deal with the tangibles on the planet. They like taking physical substance and stretching it into new forms that go beyond what people consider normal. Out of power, Magentas can feel despondent, isolated, and lonely. Conforming to the crowd is unbearable for them and can cause severe depression. Because of their outrageous behavior, Magentas often have trouble finding and keeping friends. These free spirits aren't usually concerned about what others think, but tend to live in large cities where they are more apt to have the freedom to express themselves. Examples of Magentas are Andy Warhol, the character of Kramer on TV's "Seinfeld" and performer Marilyn Manson.

Your Life Purpose

Magentas follow the beat of their own drummers. Many people considered them to be bizarre nonconformists. Magentas are innovative and imaginative, and enjoy creating strange, controversial works of art. They love to shock people – for example by acting outrageously while donning wild clothes and purple Mohawk haircuts. They like taking physical substances and stretching them into odd and outrageous forms. A Magenta’s life purpose is to explore the new, to experiment outside the normal, to shock us and keep us from being stuck in an ordinary, humdrum world. Many Magentas prefer to express their unusual and outlandish creativity and become artists, costume designers, clowns, comedians, set designers, actors, writers, and inventors.

Love & Relationships

If you’re going to be in relationship with a Magenta, you’ll need to understand that these outlandish characters are the nonconformists and eccentric personalities of the aura colors. Healthy Magentas are outrageous, fun loving, free spirited, and spontaneous. Magentas appreciate partners who can be zany and impulsive and able to tolerate, even enjoy, the Magenta’s bizarre and shocking behavior. The more spontaneous and outrageous you are, the better. Magentas can become bored quickly if things become too predictable. They also don’t like relationships that get too serious or demanding. To them, being emotionally responsible for anyone is confining. So partners need to be independent, wild, fun, creative, and free.

Careers & Jobs

Magentas are drawn to occupations to that give them freedom to express themselves and develop new ideas or products. They don’t like traditional nine-to-five schedules. Instead, they prefer in jobs that make them a lot of money quickly so they can travel or just enjoy life. Magentas love to live on the creative edge. They prefer to work on projects that allow them to explore, to be innovative and creative. They are good at imagining something, then producing the physical form. They like to take physical substances and twist them into bizarre works of art. Magentas have short attention spans, however, so they don’t always complete projects. They become bored and lose interest quickly. They are not always dependable employees. They enjoy jobs that are flexible, inventive, or creative. They are good writers and persuasive salespeople. Writing a script for a Monty Python movie would appeal to Magentas. Other jobs include the following: Artist, Costume designer, Clown, Photographer, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Set designer, Art dealer or collector, Sculptor, Salesperson (especially for unusual items), Publisher of avant-garde publications.

Money & Abundance

Magentas can be practical about earning money. They know they need it to pay the bills, though they don’t want to be run by it or work just because society says they must. They prefer to live life in the here-and-now, not put off living until after they retire. Consequently, they like to work at jobs that pay large sums of money. Then they will quit, take the money they have earned, and spend it on usual art or play or go on extended vacations. They will take other jobs only after they run out of money. Magentas always seem able to make the money they need. They buy the necessities and play with the rest. They love to buy the unusual. Money allows them to try new things, but it is not essential because they will always find ways to do what they want. Success Magentas judge their success by how much freedom of expression they have and how far they can go beyond society’s standards. 


Magentas do not have specific areas that commonly cause them problems, although unusual, erratic lifestyles and bizarre eating habits can eventually affect their physical bodies. Lack of sleep from attending all-night social events or digesting a full dinner at 3:00 a.m. can stress their bodies, causing them to eventually burn out. Because modifying their activities or eating on a regular schedule does not appeal to Magentas, their bodies often wear out from abuse.


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