Written Summary on the Indigo Aura Color

Written Summary on the Indigo Aura Color

Aura Color - Indigo Indigo is the most recent aura color to arrive on the planet. Indigos are ushering in a new energy, a new consciousness, and a new age of peace and harmony. Whereas Violets feel driven to help save the planet, to educate the masses, and to improve life here, Indigos are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness. At this writing, most of the Indigos are children, although there are a few Indigos who came as forerunners years ago. The words used to describe Indigos include honest, aware, highly intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, strong-willed, and sensitive. Indigos are old souls who know who they are and where they've come from. Some consider Indigos to be bizarre. These assertive individuals are born with their spiritual memories intact. Many parents report that their Indigo children regale them with vivid details of past lives or recent encounters with spiritual beings. Parents also report that these children can read their minds and seem to have amazing psychic abilities. Parents are often at a loss as to how to raise these amazing little beings. An unusual characteristic of Indigos is that they frequently appear androgynous. It is often difficult to tell if Indigos are male or female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or asexual. It's as if Indigos have both the yin and yang, male and female qualities within them. Their sexuality is not their primary concern however; it is their spirituality.

You and Your Aura Colors

Indigos are usually honest, aware, highly intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, strong willed, and sensitive. Their compassion often knows no boundaries. Indigos feel like they are old souls who know things beyond their training and education. They often appear androgynous – often so beautiful it can difficult to tell if they are male or female. With their clarity and awareness, Indigos are extraordinarily truthful. They cannot be coerced into doing anything they do not believe in. Indigos will not accept direction unless they feel that others share the same ethical beliefs and the same inherent understanding of the truth. Although Indigos can be powerful and self-confident, they are also very sensitive beings. In power, Indigos are bright, creative, intuitive, and independent individuals. They live life from higher principles. They feel that all life should be honored and treated with integrity, compassion and love. They follow their inner knowing and abide by higher truths. They understand spiritual and advanced concepts more easily than most do. Out of power, Indigos can feel isolated and misunderstood. They lose touch with their inner knowing and then do not understand life. They can become frightened and disoriented. Their sensitivity can cause them to be easily overwhelmed, and they may withdraw inside for protection, turn to drugs and alcohol, or react with hyperactivity. They can easily become depressed, anxious, and self-destructive. Indigos are typically loyal, trustworthy, and monogamous partners. They need complete honesty in their relationships. They need to know that they are being listened to, respected, and loved unconditionally – which they are also willing to give in return. They need partners who can support their spiritually advanced way of thinking, companions who will be nurturing, dedicated, and understanding while allowing them their independence and curiosity. Indigos are very gentle and committed partners who prefer their spouses first be best friends and companions, then lovers. These unique beings relate on a soul-to-soul basis with their partners. Michael Jackson is an example of an Indigo/Violet.

Your Life Purpose

Indigos are here to usher in a new era, to live as examples of higher awareness, to show us how to live from higher consciousness and higher principles so that we can create peace, love, and harmony in the world. They are the new spirit, the new energy, and the new consciousness on the planet. Indigos are intensely honest, aware, highly intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, strong willed, and sensitive. Indigos cannot be coerced into doing anything they do not believe in. Usually, Indigos do not feel driven to save the planet or to be famous. They just want to live their higher ideals in peace, with their creativity, integrity, power, and life energy intact. They are also quick to understand technology. An Indigo is often an artist, animal caretaker, designer, childcare worker, environmentalist, horticulturist, health practitioner, computer programmer, botanist, musician, writer, and teacher.

Love & Relationships

Indigos are intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, and extremely intuitive; most of them are actually psychic. Indigos can also be also extremely honest, aware, independent, fearless, and strong willed. Most exhibit a wisdom that is beyond their physical years. Indigos are ushering in a new way of thinking, a new consciousness, so they need partners who understand this and are willing to live with higher principles, those who have also developed higher spiritual awareness. Indigos need partners who are authentic, caring, wise, honest, and supportive. They want to completely bond with their partners, to be able to trust them with their deepest secrets, and to explore magnificent spiritual ideals together. It usually doesn’t matter to Indigos whether this person is male or female, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, asexual, a different nationality, or a different color. They relate to people’s inner essence rather than their outer form – they want to bond soul to soul. Their partner needs to be able to understand, accept, and live at that same level.

Careers & Jobs

Indigos are very powerful, intelligent, sensitive, and creative individuals. They prefer occupations that allow them the freedom to create, to travel, or to connect with life in its various forms. They have the sensitivity and patience to work with children, the ability to understand and communicate with animals and nature, the creative talent to be artistic, the natural understanding of computers and technology, and the love and compassion to work with people. Indigos don’t actually relate to the concept of work. At birth, Indigos have a belief that life is energy and should manifest into whatever form we ask it to take. However, Indigos are usually retrained and reeducated at a young age to believe in the traditional and limited laws of manifestation, which is that people work for a living. Indigos need space and freedom to question and explore physical reality. Working for others can be restrictive if there are too many rules. Starting their own businesses and being responsible employers, however, can be too much of a burden. Jobs that allow them to be independent yet secure are ideal. Although they are faithful and trustworthy employees, Indigos are usually too sensitive to be in the typical business world. They enjoy jobs that enable them be creative, to teach, or to love and support others. Usually, Indigos remain quietly in the background. They do not need the attention of the masses. However, occasionally a creative Indigo such as Michael Jackson moves with exceptional talent into the spotlight. Also, the boy depicted in the movie The Sixth Sense portrays an Indigo. Occupations that interest Indigos include the following: Artist, Animal caretaker, Designer, Childcare worker, Writer, Social worker, Musician, Counselor, Horticulturist, Teacher, educator, Environmentalist, Health practitioner, Botanist, Computer programmer, operator, or analyst And here are career ideas for just a few of the more common Combination Colors.

Money & Abundance

Sacrificing life, love, health, or freedom for bits of silver or pieces of paper is not something Indigos comprehend. Because of their integrity however, Indigos are not irresponsible. They will support themselves. In power, they can develop ideas and make money quickly. They can become quite the entrepreneurs. But they see money as an energy form that facilitates experiences and provides the necessities in a three-dimensional world. They do not need a lot of money to survive on the planet. They seem to know other methods of manifesting what they want in life. Money is only one form of created energy. Out of power, working to make money becomes just another painful chore. Like their spiritual counterparts – Blues and Violets – Indigos cannot work just for the money. They will not do anything that exploits people, harms the environment, endangers animals, or goes against their belief that life is sacred. Making money is not a reason to forsake principles. Success Indigos are happiest when they are able to live their lives in harmony with their beliefs. They feel successful when they find answers that explain physical reality and that resonate with their inner knowing. They also feel happy and fulfilled when they are able to touch other souls in meaningful ways. These advanced souls feel joy when they see the world moving toward peace and aligning itself with higher spiritual principles. They feel successful when they know they are being aware and are living the highest truth they know.


When they are in power, Indigos understand that the body is just energy. Consequently, they know how to heal themselves by using the power of their minds. When they become afraid and disoriented, however, they forget these principles. Their health can deteriorate because they don’t feel connected to their bodies. Indigos’ biggest health challenges can involve their mental health. They can feel like aliens in a strange land with no one to communicate or share their feelings with. Emotional depression can cause physical maladies that range from the common cold to liver failure. They have sensitive physical systems and can be easily overloaded, so they are vulnerable to whatever virus is in the air at the time. When Indigos regain their center and reconnect with their inner knowing, they can heal their bodies quickly through the use of will and consciousness. The best way for Indigos to stay healthy is to stay connected to their source through regular prayer and meditation.


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