Test Quantum Leap E-Course byhtw

Test Quantum Leap E-Course byhtw

Quantum physicists are revealing new life-altering concepts and reexamining everything we’ve believed about reality. They have evidence that reality is not what we believe it is! They have made remarkable discoveries that are radically changing our lives.

Unfortunately, most of us are not living this new model or acting on this advanced knowledge – yet. We’re about to change that. This is how we will change the world. Are you ready?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than it has in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

– Nikola Tesla

Expanded consciousness gives rise to advanced abilities.

After decades of living with enhanced abilities, exploring spiritual principles, and delving into quantum physics, I’ve discovered that there is more to “reality” and who we really are. I’ve also experienced much more freedom, love, and joy in my life because I’ve developed this expanded awareness and these advanced abilities. My goal in this course is to enhance your life experiences and to add more joy and enrichment to your life by showing what is possible for you too.


“The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world.”

– Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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What Are Your Natural Advanced Abilities?

  • You have the ability to use thought and energy to affect physical objects, manifest your desires, heal your body, influence the weather and your environment, and more.
  • You have intuitive, telepathic, and psychic abilities. You can see outside of time and space to know the past, present, and future.
  • You can sense energy fields, or auras, and know significant information about yourself and other people based on the frequencies or colors in the aura.
  • You can intentionally move into parallel universes to change your life.
  • You can see other lives, also called “past” lives by some.
  • You can talk to people who have died and crossed over to the other side.
  • You can communicate with loving beings in other realms for guidance.


The Benefits


You inherently have these valuable skills but if you don’t develop them, you are like a bird trapped in a cage whose beautiful wings are useless. You yearn for a better life, all the while ignoring what you are fully capable of accomplishing – right now. Learn the keys to help you move beyond the cage and create a more wondrous life for yourself. These abilities can:

  • Change your life. You can use them to go beyond your perceived limitations and become a happier, more loving, and more empowered being. You have limited your self-expression and life experiences by believing you are incapable or helpless. You are capable of more.
    Make life easier. Once you understand how the universe really works and you learn about the true principles of creation, you can design your life and create with little or no effort.
  • Reduce fear and eventually stop pain and suffering altogether. Once you tap into your deeper guidance and use these abilities, you can become more trusting, self-confident, and joyful. Once fear melts away, hopelessness and suffering can also dissolve.
  • Create more compassion, love, and understanding in the world. Once you understand and experience your connection with everyone and everything, you will know that there is no need to judge anyone, including yourself, and love and acceptance can flow more freely.
  • Improve your health and wellbeing. Once you trust your true connection with life, once you tap into your inner guidance and learn to follow it, fear and stress diminish. Living stress-free lives can prevent illnesses and accidents.
  • Improve the world and live with global abundance rather than hunger, poverty, and scarcity. Once you understand the natural, creative principles of the universe, you can create with a sense of inner power and infinite possibilities rather than constrict in fear and limited thinking.
  • Create with unbounded freedom and joy.

Developing any of these abilities can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Cultivating these abilities often generates deeper love, a stronger sense of connection, greater trust and inner peace, and a sense of authentic power to create the life you desire. I know that has been my experience. Other people have reported similar feelings.

On a personal level, it can make you more insightful, compassionate, and empowered, and better able to trust yourself.

Globally, it can improve our relations with one another and help us create better, life-enhancing solutions for the world.

More and more people are now demonstrating these natural advanced abilities.

We’ve lived too long thinking we’re just little pawns on the chessboard—acting as if we have little or no power. It’s time to see that we are much more. It’s time to alter our definition of human being and live our greater potential here and now. It’s time to take our place as a more highly developed species, one with a superior level of awareness and greater abilities. It’s time to wake up to our true nature and realize that we are truly exceptional beings.

If enough of us were to courageously step beyond our familiar boundaries, embrace this new information about the nature of reality, and fully activate our own advanced capabilities, we would open the way for others to do the same, which could lead to a vastly different understanding of the world and an entirely new way of life. This is the way transformation has happened throughout history: brave explorers and mavericks are always the ones who break through old thinking and reveal what’s possible for the rest.


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What people are saying:


“Holy Parallel Universes! I’m still buzzing. WOW and thank you so much for the amazing Quantum Leap weekend. You pulled together a stellar group, and you really did take us to the next level.

“…If I didn’t have a disfigured fork on my desk right now, I might not believe that we actually re-formed these seemingly rigid utensils!”

“Thank you for caring enough to share this info with the rest of us, and for your passionate, fun and easygoing way of teaching.”

“Thank you, thank you so very much for the workshop yesterday. The tools, ideas and concepts you presented were awesome and so applicable! You took some incredibly complex (my universe’s take) and made them understandable. I was having epiphanies all over the place afterwards. Thank you again for the inspiration it was phenomenal.”

“LOVED your workshop today! You were great. Loved the info, your presentation, your sense o’ humor, your frankness with questions, and the energy of it all. Everyone I know that attended concurred! Bravo, and thank you!”

There are four parts, a total of 19 classes in this course.

Quantum Leap Course - part 1 of 4

Class 1: You Are Already Masters 12:22

Quantum physics is revealing powerful information about reality and about us – but we’re not fully living what’s possible. We are not consciously experiencing it.

I explain these principles in easy to understand terms.

This first segment lays the foundation for this advanced knowledge, so you can learn how to develop the greater you. The goal is for you to really get it, to learn it so it becomes real – to really experience your advanced awareness, senses, and abilities. You have amazing abilities that you haven’t been taught to believe in.

You don’t have to play small any more – it’s time to step up, to go to a higher and more conscious level.

Why should we advance our consciousness and develop our true abilities? You can create more freedom, love, compassion, joy, trust, confidence, health, longevity, inner peace and more. Advancing consciousness can change the world and create more abundance, better health, global peace and abundance for all. (No starvation or war, etc.)

Class 2: You Are Multidimensional 10:34

Discover what a little two-dimensional dot has to do with your life and who you really are.

Class 3: The Poker Chip Game 58:14

This powerful experiential exercise is designed to help you discover why you’re on the planet and in physical form. It will also reveal important insights into your current life circumstances.

Class 4: The Five Levels of Consciousness 33:51

Discover the different levels of consciousness that affect your manifesting abilities. Each level of awareness brings about greater ease, rather than struggle and hard work, to create what you want.

Learn some of the most important and profound discoveries of quantum physics and how they affect your life and perception of reality. It’s time to dramatically shift our lives and finally live our true advanced abilities. It’s time to understand and implement the new principles that quantum physics is revealing. They are changing our understanding of reality.

Class 5: Your Ego 22:24

In this session you’ll understand the role that ego plays in your life. Discover how to shift your perception of ego so that you don’t limit your true greater abilities. Desire and the ego have both gotten bad reputations but there are positive ways to perceive and work with your ego and your desires to create your best, most fulfilling life.

Also, see the powerful role that time and the present moment play in your life. What spiritual teachings reveal about your manifestation abilities. Hear true-life examples of “miracles” that prove there is more to us than we’ve been taught and that our perceived “physical” limitations are illusions

Quantum Leap Course - part 2 of 4

Class 6: The Field: Meditation 35:14

“The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world.” —Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Class 7: Non-Local Mind 12:52

Understand what non-local mind and entanglement are and how they work. Hear powerful true stories of how these abilities have been used to save lives, how researchers have measured the emotional reactions of the global community, how technology is leading us to experience these

Class 8: Time 9:07

What is time? Are we limited by time? Can we transcend time? Discover how shifting your understanding and perception of time can affect your ability to create and affect your personal experiences in life. Discover how intuition and psychic abilities are beyond time, and how you can use these to know your most fulfilling life direction and make your best choices.

Class 9: Intuition: Exercises 13:33

Included here are different exercises that use your intuition. Learn different tools that can help you access your own answers.

Class 10: Psychic Development Exercises 14:43

Experience this psychic development exercise along with the audience. It’s best if you can actually practice this exercise with someone else – even if you do this remotely. You can have a friend or friends over to do these processes. Or if that is not possible, talk to a friend on the phone, or via Skype or Facetime, or sense information about a friend and contact that friend to discuss what you sensed at a later time. Find creative ways to practice with a partner(s). If you feel you know your friends too well, ask them to think of others or share photos of people you don’t know so you can practice.

Quantum Leap Course - part 3 of 4

Class 11: Quantum Physics: Recap 9:54

Examples of how quantum physics applies to your life. We discuss the Five Levels of Consciousness and what each level brings to the ease or difficulty of your ability to create what you want in your life.

Class 12: Manifesting: Meditation 46:06

During this meditation, you’ll hear the list of different beliefs that occur at each level of consciousness. Discover what you’ll need to know to live at a level of ease.

Class 13: Telekinesis: Spoon Bending 18:04

Discover the principles behind telekinesis, mind over matter, and the nature of “physical” reality. You, along with the audience, are guided through steps to bend spoons. Have your spoons ready so you can do this.

Class 14: Parallel Universes 32:22

Learn about the physics behind parallel universes, how they work, and discover how to shift into different universes to change your life. Hear examples of how Pam has used this knowledge and used this process to dramatically change her life circumstances. Learning how to shift into different parallel universes can be one of the most powerful and profound methods to change your life that you will ever encounter.

Class 15: Parallel Universes: Meditation 30:03

Experience shifting into different universes through this guided meditation. This experience also brings you into other (past) lives. Discover answers and insights from your other lives during this process.

Quantum Leap Course - part 4 of 4

Class 16: Your Future: Meditation 11:48

This unusual guided meditation brings you into future life experiences. See what your life looks like five years from now and also in a future lifetime. Discover what researchers have learned by studying different visions of the future from people in hypnotic states.

Class 17: Telepathy: Group Exercise 19:58

You are telepathic. You can communicate with people anywhere. Since we are all connected in the field, it acts like the “Worldwide Web” and enables us to send and receive information through it. You’ve probably had the experience of thinking of different people and then, only a short time later, they call you or you run into them. We’re actually telepathic beings. We communicate through this field all the time. Most just haven’t been aware that they’re doing that.

Humanity is headed toward becoming fully telepathic. When we know who we truly are and that we are already connected, knowing that we are becoming more telepathic will feel exciting. Once we are fully telepathic, there will be no reason to hide from each other. More trust and compassion will emerge. Fear, guilt, shame, judgment, and suffering will diminish and eventually disappear. That sounds unrealistic right now because we’ve been taught that humans are flawed and not to be trusted; and we all believe we have secrets to hide. But our insecurities and fears are actually the source of our troubles.

Directions: When you participate in this group exercise, you can either choose one group to join. Then when that group silently focuses and telepathically projects an image of the item to group two, you can join them. Project or send an image to the other group in the room. Telepathy knows no boundaries in time or space, so you can contribute to the image being projected to group two.

Then when group two receives the image from group one, join them. Close your eyes and see what image you pick up or sense. Again, consciousness knows no bounds. Or, if you choose, you can close your eyes every time to see what images you telepathically pick up. See if you pick up or sense each item being shown.

Class 18: Non-Local Mind: Exercise 9:55

Non-locality or non-local mind reveals that consciousness is not limited to the brain; it exists beyond the brain and the body. It is also not bound by space or time.

Your consciousness can be everywhere and anywhere, unbounded in time and space beyond your brain and your body. It is non-local. You are much more than your body, but you focus part of your consciousness inside, or as your physical body, just like the network signals traveling through space are drawn inside your TV so you can experience the shows.

Directions: This telepathic exercise is more advanced and could be more challenging, but it is created to expand your mind. To participate in this exercise, calmly pick up, along with the others in the room, the image of the item being telepathically projected to you from outside the room. You may want to pause the video while you tune in to give you more time to sense the image.

Class 19: Talking To The Other Side: Exercise 12:40

Directions: This process is best done with a partner, whether you are in the same room, on the phone, on Skype, or even in different locations. Consciousness can transcend distance and time. If you don’t have a partner for this exercise, you can still practice by tuning into someone you know from a distance and see if you can sense a guide or deceased loved one around them.

Pay attention to who and what shows up in your meditation, and the message that you hear. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and follow the guided meditation.

Quantum Leap E-Course

Filmed at Pam Oslie’s Live Weekend Workshop

Approximately 7 hours of informative videos, meditations & exercises

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