Infinite You Course — Outline

Infinite You Course — Outline


The Infinite You Course Description
(9 Hour Course)

There are BIG positive changes going on in the world – and you may be part of this shift. You actually may be helping with the transformation!Do you have a desire to step into your greatness – into your authentic and most amazing self? Are you yearning for a happier and more fulfilling life but you don’t know how to achieve it? You may be unaware that you already have the keys to move beyond your current limitations and create a more wondrous life for yourself and others – right now.

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” – Albert Einstein

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Discover How to Develop Your True Abilities
In this course you’ll discover how to:
  • Develop the ability to use thought and energy to affect matter, manifest your desires, heal your body, influence the weather, and more.
  • Access your intuitive and telepathic abilities to improve your life and the lives of others around you.
  • Intentionally move into parallel universes to easily change your life.
  • See other lives, also called “past” lives, to help you understand the influences in this life, as well as the connections to other people in your world.
  • Talk to people who have died and crossed over to the other side to help give you a broader perspective of life.
  • Sense energy fields, or auras, to help you better understand yourself, and to know significant information about people in your world, based on the frequencies or colors in these energy fields.
If you’re ready to develop more of your potential
  • We’ll look closely at these different abilities.
  • Explore the benefits and understand why they can be helpful.
  • Look at the science behind them.
  • Discuss these abilities from a spiritual perspective.
  • Show you how to develop each of them.
  • And since many people learn best by example, I will also share some of my own personal experiences to show how these skills are possible and how they are available to you.

Because there are thousands of people stepping forward now with these same unusual abilities, we can no longer ignore them or declare them flukes and aberrations. If even one person can demonstrate these advanced skills, don’t we have a responsibility, an obligation, to see what is going on? Isn’t it possible that humanity could benefit by exploring these abilities more closely and discovering what is truly possible?The fact that many of us experience these abilities proves that there is more to us than we’ve been taught, and the fact that many of us use these skills to benefit others as well as ourselves shows there are good reasons to develop them.

I hope you will join me so I can show you how easy these abilities are to access and develop.

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” —Sir Arthur C. Clarke (1917 – 2008), futurist, science fiction author, inventor

The Benefits
These natural abilities can help you in the following ways.
Create Using Pure Energy
  • This ability makes life easier. Once you understand the natural, creative principles of the universe, you can create whatever you want with little or no effort.
  • On a global scale, we can improve the world and live with worldwide abundance rather than greed, hunger, poverty, and scarcity.
Develop Intuition, Telepathy and Psychic Abilities
Developing your intuition and connecting with higher guidance has many benefits and practical applications to improve your life and the lives of others.
  • Accessing these abilities can put you in the right place at the right time. Life then becomes easier, more fun, and awesomely filled with synchronicity.
  • It reduces fear. Most people don’t know they have a choice to develop these skills. Many think they can’t or shouldn’t. So most people blindly make their way through life, all the while fearing they could make a mistake or that terrible things could be lying in wait for them just around the corner. This intuitive ability helps to reduce fear and increase trust and inner peace. Once fear melts away, hopelessness and suffering also dissolve.
  • This ability can help you make better choices. If you absolutely knew that a certain path would cause you pain and heartache and that an alternate path would bring you joy, wouldn’t you choose to travel that better path?
  • If you knew that life was going to work out for you, wouldn’t you be less stressed? Living with less stress can also prevent illnesses and accidents.
Shift into Parallel Universes
  • Makes life much easier. You’ll no longer have to overcome or struggle against circumstances in your life when you discover how to shift into a different frequency or parallel universe. You’ll discover the science behind this phenomenon and learn how easy and fun these other universes are to navigate. You already use other technologies to make your life easier. Now you can learn how to use this one as well.
Talk to the Other Side
  • The ability to communicate with loved ones who have left their physical bodies can be very comforting to friends and family. It can reduce suffering and sorrow. It can stimulate healing for those left behind.
  • It reinforces that we always have a continuous connection with our loved ones.
  • It provides evidence that we are immortal – as many spiritual teachings have claimed.
See Other (Past) Lives
  • Accessing this ability can broaden your perception of who you are.
  • It can help you understand people and situations in your current life that may have a connection to you in another life.
  • It can reduce the fear of death.
  • Knowing that we “continue” can affect the way we live our lives. It can help us become more adventurous and go after our dreams rather than always playing it safe.
See Auras or Energy Fields
  • Seeing auras can reveal that we are, in fact, made of energy and that there is a life force that animates us and radiates from us. If we can learn how to work with this energy, it could change how we see and interact with the physical world.
  • Understanding the personality types associated with the different aura colors can help validate your sense of self, give you permission to live your authentic nature, and help you better understand others.
  • Learning to see and understand what is revealed in the aura can also improve the way we treat people with illnesses. Seeing auras can help identify or even predict health issues. We could diagnose and heal using energy and psychology rather than medications and surgery.
Along with other benefits, all these abilities can also:
  • Remove limitations. We have all limited our self-expression and life experiences by believing we are incapable or helpless. You are capable of more. You can use all the abilities to go beyond your perceived limitations and become a happier, more loving, and more empowered being.
  • Create more compassion, love, and understanding in the world. Once you understand and experience your connection, you will know that there is no need to judge anyone, including yourself, and love and acceptance can flow more freely to and from you.
  • More fun and freedom. You can create with a sense of inner freedom, fun and infinite possibilities rather than constrict in fear and limited thinking.

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Infinite You Course — Outline
Class 1: Develop Your Greater Abilities
(Audio: 1 hour 20 minutes)

Discover how to access and develop Telepathy, Parallel Universes, Other (past) Lives, Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, Creating with Thought and Pure Energy, Seeing Auras and Sensing Energy Fields, & more.

In this session, you’ll first lay a foundation for a new understanding of how life works by discovering what quantum physics is saying about the nature of reality. In easy-to-understand terms, we’ll explore how your thoughts affect matter, the nature of time, entanglement, energy and space, parallel universes, intuitive abilities, telepathy, and more.

Pam shares how she moves into a psychic and telepathic state of consciousness so you can see how it’s possible and see if those same methods may work for you. You’ll be led through a guided exercise to show you how to use pure energy to manifest money. Pam also shares her personal experiences and the principles behind spoon bending and much more.

Class 2: Exercises and Meditations
(Audio: 1 hour 15 minutes)
In this session about your personal aura color, you’ll discover:

Pam guides you and the audience through specific exercises and meditations to help you develop and experience your different abilities – your intuitive and telepathic abilities, shifting into different parallel universes, seeing other (past) lives, talking to people on the other side, seeing and sensing auras, and more.

You can experience some of the exercises and meditations on your own but for some of these exercises you’ll gain more value if you participate and practice with a partner.

Class 3: Bonus Discussions — Quantum physics and the power to manifest.
(Audio: 55 minutes)

E = MC2
Everything is energy. How does that affect you and how can you use that information to change your life?

Using Quantum Physics to Change Your Life
Pam introduces the importance of quantum physics in easy to understand terms.

5 Levels of Manifestation
Pam and her associate Rod discuss 5 different levels of consciousness, and the degree of action needed at each level to create what we want. Pam shares examples of manifesting at the different levels.

What Happens After People Cross Over
Pam and Allison discuss what happens with people on the other side. Are people happy? Do they get lost or stuck? Do they all experience the same thing? Do they experience choice or free will? What do beliefs have to do with people’s experiences when they cross over? Pam shares stories about her psychic experiences and the information she’s gathered about life and “reality” by talking with people who have crossed over.

Pam and Allison discuss reincarnation, the connection with parallel universes, whether or not we have linear or simultaneous lives, free will and reincarnation, and what quantum physics reveals about reincarnation and other lives.

Class 4: Parallel Universes
(Audio: 0:50 minutes)

Parallel Universes
Pam and Allison discuss parallel universes. What are they, what is the physics behind them, and how can we use them to easily change our lives? Pam discusses some of the detailed steps you can take to shift into different parallel universes.

Meditation for Parallel Universes – for Love, Grace & Ease

​There are parallel universes all around you. They’re like radio waves. You can’t see them, but they exist. Quantum physicists have evidence that parallel universes are real. They’re as close as your breath and they exist in the same space as the universe you live in now.

You can dramatically change your life and your circumstances by learning how to move into different universes.

This particular guided meditation is to help you align with a universe where you can experience ease, relaxation, and calm.

Meditation for Parallel Universes – for Passion & Abundance

This guided meditation is designed to help you move into a different universe consciously and intentionally so you can have the life experiences you desire. You can use this process as often as you wish. You are already constantly – but usually unconsciously – shifting into different universes. This is to help you consciously do so whenever you desire to change your life.

This particular meditation is to help you align with a universe where you feel empowered and passionate, and can accomplish anything you desire.

Class 5: How to Talk to the Other Side — Teleseminar
(Audio: 1hour 2minutes)
Pam explains how you can connect with those on the other side – guides & loved ones. Then she takes you through the process with a guided meditation. Learn techniques and steps you can take to access those on the other side.
Class 6: Live a More Magical Life (Quantum Physics) — Teleseminar
(Audio: 57 minutes)

The definition of magic: The power to apparently influence the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces; or an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

Many concepts are judged as “magical thinking” or supernatural until we understand the natural principles behind them. For example, flight was once declared an unrealistic notion or science fiction until we discovered the principle of aerodynamics. Now flight is commonplace. The ability to fly has improved, expanded and enhanced our life experiences. We have more freedom and are able to accomplish much greater things now that we can fly.

So what else can we do that may appear to be “magical” or unrealistic but is actually real and practical? What natural abilities do we all have but are not fully activating and experiencing? We are still holding onto old belief systems about the nature of “reality” that are severely limiting our true potential and our full experience of life.

Join Pam on this recorded Teleseminar as she explores the physics behind some of the advanced abilities, discusses your natural abilities, and shares how you can use them to live a freer & happier life. Life can be much easier if you know who you really are & how it all works.

Class 7: Live Authentically & Create with Ease — Teleseminar
(Audio: 1hour 2minutes)

If you desire something – some object or some experience, there are different methods, from five different levels or states of consciousness that will bring it into your life. Each different state of consciousness has a different degree of ease and difficulty in manifesting.

Pam explores the specific actions that can be taken to manifest your desire at each level of consciousness.

She then examines in detail the various beliefs that are operating at each level of consciousness so you can consciously choose beliefs that will be more empowering and bring you a greater degree of success with ease.

You’ll also discover helpful actions that can improve your probability for success at each level or state of consciousness.

This seminar offers specific steps and helpful guidance to help you learn how to consciously create your ideal life by consciously shifting your state of consciousness.

Class 8: Behind the Scenes — A Day in the Life of a Psychic
(Audio: 1 hour 30 minutes)

A Day in the Life of a Psychic (Behind the Scenes)
Pam and Rod discuss what Pam sees and experiences as a psychic. She shares her ideas of free will and how that influences one’s ability to see the future. She also shares some of her personal stories, how it affects her energy, stress and what she does to stay healthy, and more. These conversations are designed to help you understand why might be in store for you if you develop your own abilities, and to help you feel safe and comfortable once you do access these abilities.

Conversations About Skeptics

Pam and Rod discuss the pros and cons of skeptics, how Pam responds to them, and her experiences with non-believers. Pam also shares the quantum physics that support psychic abilities. This conversation is designed to help you overcome any resistance you may experience, whether from inside you or from others in your world.

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