Pam’s Story

Pam’s Story

People ask me where I came from and how I got started doing psychic work. How does a normal person become a psychic? And did I always know I had this ability?

No, I didn’t always know I had this ability. Looking back, I can see if I had known what “psychic” was – I would’ve recognized some of the more interesting and synchronistic episodes in my life as evidence of psychic awareness. For example, every night for a week I had nightmares about a friend I hadn’t seen in years – he didn’t live in my town. I also thought I was seeing him in different places around town – although it never was actually him. Weeks later, he called me and informed me he had been lying near death in the hospital during the exact same week I had been having the nightmares.

So here’s my story.

Pam in green sweaterI was born in Montana – brrrrrrr. It’s beautiful, but I’m a sunshine, warm beaches, and solar-powered girl, so at age 7, some how (miraculously) I manifested my mother moving us to California. (Who knew I was so powerful.) I spent my childhood and adolescence in Riverside, CA – and got out of there as quickly as I could. (Just kidding, growing up I had some great friends there – friends I still have. And at that time Riverside was full of orange groves and clear air.)

I graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA with a degree in Sociology. (Yes, I’m a professional psychic and I graduated from a Christian college. That’s an interesting story in itself. Life is full of funny dichotomies, isn’t it? Well, I’ve always been interested in spirituality and consciousness so it’s not that much of a stretch. It’s all part of my journey.)

I always knew I wanted to make a difference and help others so I worked in education for years with emotionally challenged young adults, and later with children who had learning challenges.

Years later, I chose to veer onto a different path and began working in the performing arts and entertainment business. (I’ve found that spiritual people and creative people often seem to be the same people – or very similar types of people.)

I began managing an outdoor concert facility in Santa Barbara – tough job, huh? I have some great stories from those years. Hanging out with rock and roll stars can be quite an adventure. Then I moved to Hawaii to promote major rock concerts – this part of my life journey included riding in limousines to pick up the big rock stars, giving them all leis, and then showing them the island. Yes, there was also work to do in my job – but isn’t this part more fun to talk about?

Although I was living in paradise – and then some – I missed Santa Barbara (which is also paradise), so I eventually moved back to manage a professional theater. This time I got to hang out with famous actors and musicians. I met so many talented artists and performers – beyond my wildest expectations. No wait – I had always dreamed of knowing these very same gifted artists. And here they were – the people I’d always wanted to meet. I’m just sharing this information to show you we can manifest ANYTHING!!!

Yes, I’m very spiritual – but I see all of life as a spiritual adventure so spirituality can be fun too.

I’ve always been interested in spirituality, philosophy, and learning about any information that stretched our minds beyond standard and known boundaries. I love believing that anything is possible. So in 1983, while I was still managing the theater, I became curious about psychics. I attended a spiritual development class taught by English shaman Michael Bromley. Although I went that night to see him demonstrate his psychic abilities, I guess All That Is/Source/ God had something else in mind for me.

Michael informed me that I too had psychic abilities and he "nudged" me to do readings for the group that night! Basically this giant of a man (a Hagrid clone, I swear – straight out of Harry Potter’s world) proceeded to “throw me in the water.” It was psychically sink or swim in front of a group of strangers. Surprisingly, I discovered that I was able to receive clairvoyant information about various people in the room. Michael also reminded me that I had told the Universe I was ready to go to the “next level” in my life, (Now how did Michael know that?) – And then he informed me this was the “next level.” Well my life definitely took a quantum leap forward that night. (I now know I need to be very aware of what I ask for.) From that point on, I began doing psychic readings for my friends, which quickly turned into a frenzy of doing readings for their friends, and their friends’ friends. Eventually, I had a long waiting list of people wanting private sessions.

Then, after attending numerous aura workshops led by Dr. Barbara Bowers, who was able to see the aura physically, I noticed that I was receiving psychic information about people that corresponded with Bowers’ descriptions and data on the various aura colors. Eventually, I also developed the ability to see and sense the aura colors and, through my psychic work, uncovered even more about the personality traits that coincided with each color. So I now use the aura colors along with my psychic abilities to coach people, to help them find their most fulfilling life path, and answers to other life questions.

I use my psychic abilities to help people discover their life path, solve issues, and achieve fulfillment, and to demonstrate that we are more than we've been taught – that among other things, psychic abilities are natural and in us all.

My fascination with quantum physics, spirituality, consciousness, and metaphysics leads me to study and practice everything I can in these areas. I do believe we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. I use this amazing information to support others in creating the life they desire.

My radio show can be heard live in the Santa Barbara area and simulcast via the Santa Barbara News-Press online. Due to the success of my books, Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras; Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You; and Make Your Dreams Come True, I've also been a frequent guest on many television & radio shows. I have been a guest lecturer at the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields and more.

In addition, reading auras for many years, I have finely tuned my ability to recognize common aspects of the various aura colors. Understanding the meaning behind each color has given me insights into my purpose in life, the way I process information, my interactions with people and how I handle relationships.

My purpose in writing about the aura is to bring this knowledge to others, to enable them to understand how and why they process life in a particular way. The information encoded in the aura reveals helpful, life-altering information. It also gives people permission to be themselves, to become more allowing and accepting of themselves and others, while also learning effective ways of changing their unwanted behaviors and attitudes.

There are no good or bad aura colors. The aura reflects one's choices in this lifetime, but does not mean that one is limited to a particular goal or way of processing. We are all free to expand, grow and change any way we choose. My goal is to show that while we may all have different methods, goals and purposes, we are each a part of the whole human aura rainbow.

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